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On the non-monotonicity and localized peaks of breakthrough curves

Siirila, E.; Sanchez-Vila, X.; Fernandez, D.
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XX International Conference on Computational Methods in Water Resources
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XX International Conference on Computational Methods in Water Resources : Book abstracts and list of participants, 10th-13th June 2014
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Demonstrating manager aquifer recharge as a solution to water scarcity and drought
Evaluación y Predicción de los Efectos del Cambio Global en la Cantidad y Calidad del Agua en Rios Ibéricos (SCARCE)
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We analyze the shape of breakthrough curves (BTCs). In general, monotonicity of the late-time BTC slope is just assumed. We contend that local peaks may exist but are sometimes not reported for a number of reasons: in the field, either by subsampling or associating them measurement errors; in numerical simulations, from numerical dispersion in Eulerian methods, or from the use of a limited number of particles in Lagrangian methods. The presence of localized peaks in BTCs (when, at what magnitude...
Stochastic, anisotropy, breakthrough curve slope, non-Fickian transport
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GHS - Hydrogeology Group