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Order reduction of a distributed parameter PEM fuel cell anode gas channel model

Sarmiento, M.L.; Batlle, C.; Massana, I.; Serra, M.
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European Hydrogen Energy Conference 12-14th March, 2014. Seville, Spain
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Proceedings of 2014 European Hydrogen Energy Conference
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Desarrollo de sistemas de control para la mejora de la eficiencia y la vida útil en sistemas basados en pilas de combustible PEM
Physical bottom up multiscale modelling for automotive PEMFC innovative performance and durability optimization
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Distributed parameter modeling is required to accurately consider space variations, which are important regarding the performance and durability of the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) [1-3]. However, the number of differential and algebraic equations (DAE) obtained from the discretization of a set of partial differential equations (PDE) is very large, and this not only slows down the numerical simulations, but also complicates the design of online model-based controllers. The in...
Sarmiento, M.L. [et al.]. Order reduction of a distributed parameter PEM fuel cell anode gas channel model. A: European Hydrogen Energy Conference. "Proceedings of 2014 European Hydrogen Energy Conference". Sevilla: 2014, p. 265-272.
controllability, distributed parameter modeling, mathematical programming, model order reduction, observability, power system control Author keywords: PEMFC
Group of research
ACES - Advanced Control of Energy Systems
CS2AC-UPC - Supervision, Safety and Automatic Control
SAC - Advanced Control Systems
SARTI - Technological Development Center for Remote Acquisition and Data Processing System