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High Efficiency Powertrain for Electric Vehicle based on the latest technologies of synchronous motors and silicon carbide power converters

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PMa-SynRM drive, SiC converters, accionamientos PMa-SynRM, convertidores SiC, eficiencia energética, electric drivetrain, electric vehicle, energy efficiency, fault tolerance, toleracia a fallo, torque control, tren de tracción, vehículo eléctrico
The main goal of the project is the research and development of new electric power train to promote and facilitate the use of electric vehicles in a clean
urban environment. Electric Vehicle (EV) Technologies continue high on academic and industrial research agendas and innovative technologies of low
cost high efficiency electric motors, as PMa-SynRM, supplied by high temperature energy efficient power electronics converters DC/DC and DC/AC are
solutions to be investigated. Advance control and fault tolerance for the most robust and reliable powertrains must also be considered in future electric
Traction motors for EV have to have, among other characteristics, low cost, high power and torque density, extended speed range and high efficiency
over whole working area. Power converters must be designed with the highest levels of efficiency and safety, and power converter fault detection and
drive reconfiguration in case of fault must also be investigated.
Therefore, research, concept, proposal, prototyping and experimental validation of a new high efficiency and reliable electric powertrain, based on PMa-
SynRM motor driven by SiC converters, are the main objectives of this Project.
Specific objectives are as follows:
1. Investigation on a five-phase fault-tolerant 30 kWpeak@3.000 rpm PMa-SynRM motor for EV applications. Enhanced motor design with higher
efficiency and improved power density weight ratio (2.5 kW/kg) is expected.
2. Investigation and validation of motor control algorithms for torque and flux magnitudes with high efficiency and reliability along the full speed range.
Variable structure DTC plus on-line adaptive loss minimization controller (ALMC) will be explicitly explored.
3. Investigation and modelling of Reversible Power Converter topologies based on SiC switches for high temperature (100ºC), high voltage (>600 V) and
high efficiency (>90%). DC/DC boost parallel and/or interleaved converters (6 kW/kg) and 30kW DC/AC (18 kW/kg) fault tolerant inverters will be
4. Investigation on PMa-SynRM motor fault patterns, under constant and non-constant current at different speeds. Fault detection and diagnosis in the
time and time frequency frames will be proposed.
5. Research and proposal of fault detection algorithms and control methods for fault anticipation and fault mitigation on the new fault tolerant power
converter topologies, to the best reliable and safe operation.
6. Investigation, Development and Validation of an Intelligent On-Board Supervisor for the electric powertrain with Fault Identification and Diagnosis.
7. Design and development of new algorithms for a Fault Tolerant Control of the Reliable Electric Power Train with PMa-SynRM and SiC-based Power
8. Physical design, construction and validation of the Fault Tolerant five-phase PMa-SynRM driven by a reversible fault tolerant 600 VDC five-phase SiC
inverter. The drive will be supplied by a reversible DC/DC 300/600 VDC boost converter.
9. Validation of the Full Fault Tolerant electric Powertrain developed in the project
10. Diffusion of the Research Results on the research community, in high impact congresses and publications.
11. Transference of knowledge and technology to industrial world through specific private companies and public administration agreements (CDTI,
EUREKA, HORIZON 2020, etc.). Also, specific patents on the research fields are expected.
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Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2016
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Programa Estatal de I+D+i Orientada a los Retos de la Sociedad
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Retos de Investigación: Proyectos de I+D+i
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Gobierno De España. Ministerio De Economía Y Competitividad, Mineco


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