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A methodology for damping measurement of engineering materials: Application to a structure under bending and torsion loading

Pérez-Peña, A.; Garcia-Granada, A.A.; Menacho, J.; Molins, J.; Reyes, G.
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Journal of vibration and control
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A new method to calculate damping properties of rigid materials to be used in Finite Elements calculations is presented. Its relevance relies in its simplicity regarding the amount of materials data, mathematical treatment and experimental equipment needed. Its application allows more realistic calculation of mechanical parts and structures under dynamic loading. In most of those calculations very unreal assumptions are done when simulating with Finite Elements software to assure stability of th...
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Damping ratio, FEM calculations, dynamic load, resonance, vibrations


  • Pérez Peña, Armando  (autor)
  • Garcia Granada, Andres Amador  (autor)
  • Menacho, Joaquín  (autor)
  • Molins, Jose Javier  (autor)
  • Reyes Pozo, Guillermo  (autor)