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Graphene nanoplatelets as a multifunctional filler for polymer foams

Gedler, G.; De Sousa Pais, M.; Velasco J.I.
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25th International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials
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25th International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials 8-11 septembrer 2014, Madrid
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Tecnología de espumas poliméricas y materiales compuestos celulares multifuncionales - MAT2011-26410
The increasingly demanding industrial requirements for polymers with enhanced specific properties and functional characteristics have aroused a great interest in the development of lightweight nanocomposites by combining foaming with the addition of functional nanosized fillers. In midst of these, graphene-based materials have recently generated a great attention as a way to extend the range of applications of polymers due to their combination of high mechanical and transport properties, enablin...
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POLY2 - Polyfunctional polymeric materials