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Desafíos en la Implementación de Proyectos de Cooperación en Servicios de Agua dentro del Proceso de Urbanización Sostenible. Cuatro Casos de Estudio en África: Maputo (Mozambique), Idjwi (DR Congo), Wukro (Etiopía) y Mecufi (Mozambique)

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University Research Institute for Sustainability Science and Technology
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http://hdl.handle.net/2117/95457 Open in new window
Many NGOs have tried to implement cooperation projects in water services in Africa. A percentage of them has been successful when it comes to sustainability but a significant proportion has failed . Discovering and analyzing the conditions that make the sustainability of development cooperation projects has been the ultimate goal of our research. A first objective was to determine the limitations that development projects in water services face in the process of sustainable urbanization. In a su...
Group of research
EXIT - Network and Transport Infrastructure Engineering
Jiménez Redal, R. "Desafíos en la implementación de proyectos de cooperación en servicios de agua dentro del proceso de urbanización sostenible. Cuatro casos de estudio en África: Maputo (Mozambique), Idjwi (DR Congo), Wukro (Etiopía) y Mecufi (Mozambique)". Tesi doctoral, UPC, Institut Universitari de Recerca en Ciència i Tecnologies de la Sostenibilitat, 2014.


  • Jiménez Redal, Rubén  (author)
  • Magrinya Torner, Francesc  (director)
  • Peris Blanes, Jordi  (secretary)
  • Almandoz Berrondo, Francisco Javier  (president)
  • Lorenzo Galligo, Pedro  (chair)