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The missing energy: Improving the study of heat fluxes in buildings

Llorens, R.; Zamora, J.Ll.
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World Sustainable Building Conference 2014
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WSB 2014 Conference Documentation
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Session 123.1
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Session 123.1
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Efficient thermal insulation has so far focused on improving building’s envelope, understanding a building as a unique thermal space. Although it could be the case for some kinds of constructions, because of the more independence of each person and the concentration of people in multistory buildings, there are more partitions between different heated spaces and it makes us wonder about the relevance of thermal energy loses through these interior partitions. Aiming to answer this question, we d...
Llorens, R.; Zamora, J.Ll. The missing energy: Improving the study of heat fluxes in buildings. A: World Sustainable Building Conference. "WSB 2014 Conference Documentation". Barcelona: 2014, p. Session 123.1.
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Energy efficiency, Indoor heat flux, Indoor heat transfer, Internal partitions, Modeling of heat transfer in buildings., occupancy patterns, thermal insulation
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LiTA - Laboratori d'Innovació i Tecnologia en l'Arquitectura