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Deliverable D055: process models for flow, transport, geochemical and geomechanical processes

Saaltink, M.; Vilarrasa, V.; De Gaspari, F.; Silva, O.; Carrera, J.; Roetting, T.; Woods, A.; Rayward-Smith, W.
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We are dealing with a rather complex problem: two fluid phases, with each fluid composed of multiple chemically interacting species. The CO2 phase contains dissolved water (not much, as long as the solubility is low) and organic materials, which dissolve in CO2 much easier than water. There may also be a hydrocarbon species which will dissolve in the CO2 phase and also a third organic (hydrocarbon) phase dissolving CO2. The entire system is under non-isothermal conditions, because the injected C...
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CO2 sequestration, dissolution, heterogeneous deformable porous medium, initial and boundary conditions, mass momentum and energy balance equation, mathematical model, numerical model, porous medium, precipitation, two-phase flow, variable density, variable viscosity
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GHS - Grup d'Hidrologia Subterrània


  • Saaltink, Maarten Willem  (autor)
  • Vilarrasa Riaño, Victor  (autor)
  • De Gaspari, Francesca  (autor)
  • Silva, Orlando  (autor)
  • Carrera Ramírez, Jesús  (autor)
  • Roetting, Tobias Stefan  (autor)
  • Woods, Andy  (autor)
  • Rayward-Smith, Will  (autor)