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On the formation of localized peaksand non-monotonic tailing of breakthrough curves

Siirila, E.; Sanchez-Vila, X.; Fernandez, D.
Type of activity
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European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014
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Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol 16 EGU2014
Project funding
Demonstrating manager aquifer recharge as a solution to water scarcity and drought
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While breakthrough curve (BTC) analysis is a traditional tool in hydrogeology to obtain hydraulic parameters, in recent years emphasis has been placed on analyzing the shape of the receding portion of the curve. A number of field and laboratory observations have found a constant BTC slope in log-log space, and thus it has been hypothesized that a power law behavior is representative of real aquifers. Usually, monotonicity of the late-time BTC slope is just assumed, meaning that local peaks in th...
Group of research
GHS - Hydrogeology Group