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PoPower cable modelling for WIPS electromechanical chain

Type of activity
Competitive project
Funding entity
Commission of European Communities
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215.621,09 €
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End date
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The Multi Layer Cable Model MultiCaB project proposal aims to research and develop advanced parametric power cable models for aeronautical applications, specifically, thermo electric Wing Ice Protection Systems, WIPS.
Apart from basic voltage and current analysis, models must allow to simulate and study high frequency effects, such as skin and proximity effects, standing waves and resonances, conductive and isolation losses and temperature effects. Two different layers of the model, which are related to result accuracy and computational burden, are considered in the project.
To implement the model it is proposed a lumped parameters based model, which are frequency dependents, that must replicate the frequency response of the full cable for all the frequencies of interest. It means that not only the fundamental frequency have be taken into account in the model simulation, but also harmonics, switching frequency and high frequencies due to trise and tfall at the power converter must be considered for the complete results.
A specific research in cable models and high frequency effects, a powerful methodology based on experimental measurements and if proceed, FEM simulations, and experimental validation of developed models and methodologies will be performed in the project.
A proper management, a well-defined topic manager relationship and an adequate consideration of intellectual property rights and exploitation are included in the proposal.
The project is presented by researches and technicians from the MCIA Research Center of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (www.mcia.upc.edu), with probed experience in high frequency modeling of electric and electronics components and power electronics applications and control, as well as in European projects' management and execution.
VII Programa Marc de la Unió Europea 2007-2013
Resoluton year
Funcding program
Clean Sky
Funding call
Joint Technology Initiative
Grant institution
European Commission