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Application of Kansei engineering to design an industrial enclosure

Marco-Almagro, L.; Tort-Martorell, J.
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Presentation of work at congresses
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14th Annual Conference of the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics
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Book of congress proceedings
Papers of the 14th Annual ENBIS Conference
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Kansei Engineering (KE) is a technique used to incorporate emotions in the product design process. Its basic purpose is discovering in which way some properties of a product convey certain emotions in its users. It is a quantitative method, and data is typically collected using questionnaires. Japanese researcher Mitsuo Nagamachi is the founder of Kansei Engineering. Products where KE has been successfully app lied include cars, phones, packaging, house appliances, clothes or websites, among oth...
Marco-Almagro, L.; Tort-martorell, J. Application of Kansei Engineering to Design an Industrial Enclosure. A: Annual Conference of the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics. "Papers of the 14th Annual ENBIS Conference". Linz: 2014.
Kansei engine ering, factorial designs, industrial enclosures, perceived quality, statistical engineering
Group of research
ADBD - Analysis of Complex Data for Business Decisions