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Selection of the primary endpoint in a clinical trial: composite binary endpoints versus single outcomes

Gómez Melis, Guadalupe; Ayestaran, A.
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2015 International Conference on Risk Analysis
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Current topics on risk analysis: ICRA 6 and RISK 2015 conference
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Grup de Recerca en Bioestadística i Bioinformàtica (GRBIO)
Métodos avanzados en estudios de seguimiento: diseño de ensayos clínicos, datos longitudinales y censura en un intervalo
A composite binary endpoint consisting of the combination of several binary outcomes is often used in the design of a two-arm randomized clinical trial. We present a method to elucidate between a composite binary endpoint and one of its relevant components. This approach is based on the asymptotic relative efficiency (ARE) between two statistical tests to compare the effect of the treatment between two groups. The ARE is expressed in terms of clinical interpretable parameters, such as, t...
Group of research
GRBIO - Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Research Group