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Optimization strategies for energy management systems

Graells, M.; Riva, E.; Meng, L.; Luna, A.; Anvari-Moghaddam, A.
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Energy is a resource that needs to be managed and decisions need to be made on production, storage, distribution and consumption of energy. Determining how much to produce, where and when, and assigning resources to needs in the most efficient way is a problem that has been addressed in several fields. There are available tools that can be used to formulate and solve this kind of problems. Using them in energy management problems requires starting with the basics of math programming techniques, ...
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Energy, decision-making, distribution., management, math programming, production planning, resources, storage
Grup de recerca
CEPIMA - Center for Process and Environment Engineering


  • Graells Sobre, Moises  (autor)
  • Riva, Eleonora  (autor)
  • Meng, Lexuan  (autor)
  • Luna, Adriana C.  (autor)
  • Anvari-Moghaddam, Amjad  (autor)