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Supporting, evaluating and validating informal learning: A social approach

Galanis, N.; Mayol, E.; Alier, M.; García, F.J.
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Article en revista
Computers in human behavior
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55, Part A
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TRAILER: Tagging, Recognition and Acknowledgment of Informal Learning ExpeRiences
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Informal learning has been a global hot topic for the past several years. The growth of the internet and the pervasiveness of computers in everyday life means that a huge part of this informal learning is done through a computer. In the European Union, since the official recognition of informal learning in 1999 with the Bologna Treaty, a number of guidelines and proposals have been published providing techniques and recommendations for translating informal learning outcomes to formal competences...
Galanis, N., Mayol, E., Alier, M., García, F.J. Supporting, evaluating and validating informal learning: A social approach. "Computers in human behavior", Febrer 2016, vol. 55, Part A, p. 596-603.
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E-learning, Evaluation, Informal learning, Lifelong learning, Non-formal learning, Social learning, Validation
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IMP - Information Modeling and Processing
SUSHITOS - Grup de recerca en serveis per a tecnologies d'informació socials, ubiqües i humanístiques, i per a software lliure