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D13.3 Overall assessment of selected techniques on energy- and bandwidth-efficient communications

Zalonis, A.; Polydoros, A.; Dagres, I.; Rubio, J.; Gregori, M.; Pascual Iserte, A.; Payaró, M.; Gomez, J.; Kieffer, M.; Bassi, F.; Abrignani, M.; Giupponi, L.; Kliks, A.; Kryszkiewicz, P.; Bogucka, H.; Caus, M.; Perez, A.; Bader, C.; Bodinier, Q.; del Fiorentino, P.; Giannetti, F.; Lottici, V.; Van Hecke, J.; Moeneclaey, M.; Perez-Romero, J.; Koutlia, A.; Agusti, R.; Abdelkader, A.; Koseoglu, M.; Karasan, E.; Chen, L.
Type of activity
Project funding
Network of Excellence in Wireless COMmunications #
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Deliverable D13.3 del projecte europeu NEWCOM# The report presents the outcome of the Joint Research Activities (JRA) of WP1.3 in the last year of the Newcom# project. The activities focus on the investigation of bandwidth and energy efficient techniques for current and emerging wireless systems. The JRAs are categorized in three Tasks: (i) the first deals with techniques for power efficiency and minimization at the transceiver and network level; (ii) the second deals with the handling of interf...
Zalonis, A., Polydoros, A., Dagres, I., Rubio, J., Gregori, M., Pascual Iserte, A., Payaró, M., Gomez, J., Kieffer, M., Bassi, F., Abrignani, M., Giupponi, L., Kliks, A., Kryszkiewicz, P., Bogucka, H., Caus, M., Perez, A., Bader, C., Bodinier, Q., del Fiorentino, P., Giannetti, F., Lottici, V., Van Hecke, J., Moeneclaey, M., Perez, J., Koutlia, K., Agusti, R., Abdelkader, A., Koseoglu, M., Karasan, E., Chen, L. "D13.3 Overall assessment of selected techniques on energy- and bandwidth-efficient communications". 2015.
Algorithms, Bandwidth-, Energy-, HetNets, Interference management, Power-efficiency, Resource allocation, Simulation
Group of research
CCABA - Advanced Broadband Communications Center
GRCM - Mobile Communication Reserach Group
SPCOM - Signal Processing and Communications Group


  • Zalonis, Andreas  (author)
  • Polydoros, Andreas  (author)
  • Dagres, Ioannis  (author)
  • Rubio Lopez, Javier  (author)
  • Gregori Casas, Maria  (author)
  • Pascual Iserte, Antonio  (author)
  • Payaró Llisterri, Miquel  (author)
  • Gomez Viladerbó, Jesús  (author)
  • Kieffer, Michel  (author)
  • Bassi, Francesca  (author)
  • Abrignani, Melchiorre D.  (author)
  • Giupponi, Lorenza  (author)
  • Kliks, Adrian  (author)
  • Kryszkiewicz, Pawel  (author)
  • Bogucka, Hanna  (author)
  • Caus, Marius  (author)
  • Pérez Neira, Ana Isabel  (author)
  • Bader, Carlos  (author)
  • Bodinier, Quentin  (author)
  • del Fiorentino, Paolo  (author)
  • Giannetti, Filipo  (author)
  • Lottici, Vincenzo  (author)
  • Van Hecke, Jeroen  (author)
  • Moeneclaey, Marc  (author)
  • Pérez Romero, Jordi  (author)
  • Koutlia, Aikaterini  (author)
  • Agusti Comes, Ramon  (author)
  • Abdelkader, Abdelrahman  (author)
  • Koseoglu, Mehmet  (author)
  • Karasan, Ezhan  (author)
  • Chen, Lin  (author)