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Internationalization at Home in Catalan universities: an analysis of international courses in bachelor curricula

Mancho, G.; Arno, E.; Aguilar Perez, Marta.
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Fourth International Conferences on Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education
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ICLHE 2015: At the crossroads between innovation and practice: abstracts 2-4 September 2015 - Université libre de Bruxelles in Brussels
Universities in Catalonia are committed to internationalization, which mainly focuses on student mobility and the use of an international language (mostly English) as the language of instruction. Within the international dimension we find that the concept of Internationalization at Home (IaH) merits special attention, in the sense that it is a way of providing an international experience for those students (the great majority) who do not take part in mobility programs. Within IaH, this study loo...
English as medium of instruction, International content in subjects, Internationalization at home