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Management coordination for superstructures of decentralized large scale supply chains under uncertainty

Hjaila, K.; Lainez, J.M.; Puigjaner, L.; Espuña, A.
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20th International Conference on Operations Research
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OR 2015: 20th International Conference on Operations Research, 1-4 september, optimal decisions & big data
Project funding
Centre d'enginyeria de processos, energia i medi ambient
Sistema integrado de la gestión de la energía y los recursos ambientales para procesos industriales económicamente sostenibles
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Current tactical optimization models are usually focused on an overall objective, regardless of the different individual partner objectives to be considered in a decentralized Supply Chain (SC). This work aims to optimize the tactical decisions of decentralized SCs superstructure by setting the best coordination among the participating stakeholders. The interaction between the involved stakeholders and their conflicting objectives is modelled as non - cooperative non - zero - sum Stackelberg gam...
Game Theory, Large Scale Optimization, Supply Chain Management
Group of research
CEPIMA - Centre d'Enginyeria de Processos i Medi Ambient