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EPIC - Energy Processing and Integrated Circuits

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UPC research group
C. Jordi Girona, 1-3, Edifici C4, Campus Nord Open in new window
08034 Barcelona
https://eel.upc.edu/ca/recerca/carpeta-grups/epic-energy-processing-and-integrated-circuits Open in new window
Our research activity has hitherto been focused on energy processing and integrated circuits, encompassing CMOS technologies for future-generation multicore processors and RF transmitters, as well as new devices for exploring ultimate energy density limits. These activities have been driven by ultra-low-power battery-operated devices that are now migrating into energy-harvesting-enabled wireless sensor networks and pushing down scalability limits through the concurrence of new devices (More than Moore, gallium nitride or GaN and graphene), circuit and system perspectives with the aim of a transversal impact to various applications, namely, downscaled portable terminals and distributed sensors for wireless monitoring and practically all applications within the integrated systems and circuits area. New challenges include wireless networks-on-chip for next-generation many-core processors for high-performance computing, nano-satellite swarms, wireless energy transfer and smart grids.
captació d'energia, control i gestió d'energia, convertidors estàtics de gestió d'energia, disseny de microxarxes híbrides amb suport fotovoltaic, eficiència energètica, gestió d'energia en circuits integrats, gestió de bateries, microxarxes híbrides, nanosatèl·lits, sistemes de modelat, transmissió d'energia sense fil, xarxes de sensors sense fil
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