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HIPICS - High Performance Integrated Circuits and Systems

Total activity: 825
Research group
Type of group
UPC research group
C. Jordi Girona, 1-3, Edifici C4, Campus Nord Open in new window
08034 Barcelona
http://hipics.upc.edu/ Open in new window
The activity of our group is focused in advanced topics of integrated electronic devices, circuits and systems related with technology limitations, second order effects and new technologies. The main research topics are: - Process variations and noise aware digital design - Advanced nano-architectures
Integrated circuits design, Low power design., aging, energy harvesting, fault tolerance, memristors, nanotechnology, radio frequency circuits, test of ICs, variability
Fill in details (researchers incharge only)
  • Aldrete Vidrio, Hector Eduardo
    (until 2010-09-27)
  • Andrade Miceli, Dennis Michael
    (until 2010-11-30)
  • Aymerich Capdevila, Nivard
    (until 2013-09-01)
  • Dufis, Cédric Yvan
    (until 2011-03-20)
  • Garcia Almudever, Carmen
    (until 2014-06-21)
  • García Leyva, Lancelot
    (until 2011-09-01)
  • Gomez Fernandez, Sergio
    (until 2013-12-31)
  • Gómez Salinas, Dídac
    (until 2012-04-30)
  • Gonzalez Jimenez, Jose Luis
    (until 2014-08-31)
  • Landauer, Gerhard Martin
    (until 2014-02-28)
  • Martorell Cid, Ferran
    (until 2008-11-30)
  • Mauricio Ferré, Juan
    (until 2012-01-01)
  • Molina Garcia, Marc Manel
    (until 2011-03-31)
  • Nunes Cavalheiro, David Manuel
    (until 2017-10-08)
  • Osorio Tamayo, Juan Felipe
    (until 2006-06-30)
  • Pons Solé, Marc
    (until 2012-03-31)
  • Pouyan, Peyman
    (until 2015-11-16)
  • Trulls Fortuny, Xavier
    (until 2012-05-06)

Scientific and technological production

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