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MCIA - Motion Control and Industrial Applications Research Group

Total activity: 1626
Research group
Type of group
UPC research group
Edifici GAIA - Rambla Sant Nebridi, s/n Open in new window
08222 Terrassa
http://www.mcia.upc.edu/ Open in new window
The MCIA is a reference center of research, development and innovation for its scientific research, applied research and technology transfer activities in the areas of energy efficiency, electromobility and industrial systems. The activity of the MCIA center is based on research and knowledge generation to allow a technology transfer of high innovative value and significant competitive level to the industrial sector. The MCIA Center covers the whole innovation and development chain: conceptualization, design, implementation and validation. Thus, a high quality technology transfer till TLR6-7 providing solutions for the creation of new products and optimization of the existing ones, in the areas of electrical, electronic and ICT engineering. The MCIA is member of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia Technology Center, CiT UPC, from where the MCIA cooperates and leads multiple research and technology transfer activities.
3D Electromagnetic Design and Simulation, Charging Systems and Communications, Corona effect and mitigation, Data Driving Process Monitoring, Diagnosis and Prognosis, Electric Machine and Power Converters, Electric powertrain, Energy Management Systems, Fault Tolerant Drives, Microgrids, High Voltage Systems, Novelty Detection, Reliability, Smart Sensors
Fill in details (researchers incharge only)
  • Abomailek Rubio, Basel Carlos
    (until 2020-04-15)
  • Almudevar Felipe, Eulogio Juan Antonio
    (until 2012-08-31)
  • Andrade Rengifo, Fabio
    (until 2015-01-31)
  • Bader, Benjamin
    (until 2013-05-11)
  • Bailon Egea, Jose
    (until 2019-02-28)
  • Balakrishnan, Hariharan
    (until 2018-07-11)
  • Capelli, Francesca
    (until 2017-03-16)
  • Cardenas Araujo, Juan Jose
    (until 2013-02-03)
  • Cariño Corrales, Jesús Adolfo
    (until 2019-03-05)
  • Cirera Balcells, Josep
    (until 2020-09-09)
  • Cobo Urgelles, Marti
    (until 2013-05-10)
  • Cortez, Ernest
    (until 2019-12-11)
  • Fernández Palomeque, Efrén Esteban
    (until 2019-03-20)
  • Ghorbani, Hamidreza
    (until 2020-04-15)
  • Giacometto Torres, Francisco Javier
    (until 2015-11-28)
  • Hernandez Guiteras, Joan
    (until 2014-06-16)
  • Llaquet Saiz, Jorge Mariano
    (until 2012-08-31)
  • Lopez Torres, Carlos
    (until 2018-07-12)
  • Nares Siurana, Enrique
    (until 2013-03-31)
  • Piñal Moctezuma, Juan Fernando
    (until 2020-04-15)
  • Poncelas Lopez, Oscar
    (until 2016-12-31)
  • Pou Muñoz, Viator
    (until 2019-12-31)
  • Resano Inza, Tomas
    (until 2018-05-02)
  • Rius Rueda, Armand
    (until 2017-06-02)
  • Rosero Garcia, Javier Alveiro
    (until 2007-12-31)
  • Ruiz Illana, German
    (until 2012-01-14)
  • Saavedra Ordoñez, Harold
    (until 2014-06-01)
  • Sala Cardoso, Enric
    (until 2018-12-31)
  • Sala Caselles, Vicente Miguel
    (until 2019-01-31)
  • Salehi Arashloo, Ramin
    (until 2015-04-30)
  • Salehifar, Mehdi
    (until 2014-07-27)
  • Serra Mariné, Ignasi
    (until 2012-05-04)
  • Tapia Tlatelpa, Tecilli
    (until 2019-10-03)
  • Torres Carbonell, Oriol
    (until 2013-05-11)
  • Urresty Betancourt, Julio César
    (until 2012-06-03)
  • Zurita Millan, Daniel
    (until 2017-07-31)

Scientific and technological production

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