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Computer-based cognitive rehabilitation: the CoRe system

Alloni, A.; Sinforiani, E.; Zuchella, C.; Sandrini, G.; Bernini, S.; Cattani, B.; Tost, D.; Quaglini, S.; Pistarini, C.
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Disability and rehabilitation
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This work aims at providing a tool for supporting cognitive rehabilitation. This is a wide field, that includes a variety of diseases and related clinical pictures; for this reason the need arises to have a tool available that overcomes the difficulties entailed by what currently is the most common approach, that is, the so-called pen and paper rehabilitation. Methods: We first organized a big number of stimuli in an ontology that represents concepts, attributes and a set of relationships among ...
Alloni, A., Sinforiani, E., Zuchella, C., Sandrini, G., Bernini, S., Cattani, B., Tost, D., Quaglini, S., Pistarini, C. Computer-based cognitive rehabilitation: the CoRe system. "Disability and rehabilitation", 27 Octubre 2015, p. 1-10.
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3D computer Graphics, Virtual rehabilitation, serious games
Grup de recerca
CREB - Centre de Recerca en Enginyeria Biomedica
GIE - Grup d'Informàtica a l'Enginyeria


  • Alloni, Anna  (autor)
  • Sinforiani, Elena  (autor)
  • Zuchella, Chiara  (autor)
  • Sandrini, Giorgio  (autor)
  • Bernini, Sara  (autor)
  • Cattani, Barbara  (autor)
  • Tost Pardell, Daniela  (autor)
  • Quaglini, Silvana  (autor)
  • Pistarini, Caterina  (autor)