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Observation and interpretation of type IIB supernova explosions.

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Tesi doctoral
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Premi Extraordinari de Doctorat UPC 2018
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Core-collapse supernovae (CC-SNe) explosions represent the final demise of massive stars. Among the various types, there is a group of relatively infrequent CC-SNe termed type IIb, which appear to be hybrids between normal type II SNe (those characterised by H emission) and type Ib (those that lack H features in their spectra but exhibit prominent HeI lines). The nature of the stellar progenitors leading to type IIb SNe is currently unknown, although two channels are contemplated: single massive...


  • Morales Garoffolo, Antonia  (autor)
  • Bravo Guil, Eduardo  (tutor)
  • Elias De la rosa, Nancy Del Carmen  (director)
  • Turatto, Massimo  (president)
  • Isern Vilaboy, Jorge  (director)
  • Dominguez Aguilera, Maria Inmaculada  (secretari)