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Development of fluid dynamic issues in a general purpose parallel computat code. Application ot multiphase flows.

Type of activity
Competitive project
Funding entity
AGAUR. Agència de Gestió d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca
Funding entity code
2015 DI 067
27.360,00 €
Start date
End date
First year:
* Study of the general structure and main functions/objects of the TermoFluids general
purpose code. TermoFluids is a parallel unstructured CFD&HT code for the simulation of
multiphysic and multiscale technological problems. The code has been developed by Termo
FLuids S.L. with the collaboration of the CTTC (UPC).
* Application to the aerodynamic flow complex geometries (flow in ducts, compact plate-andtubes surfaces, etc.). Application to the aerodynamic flow in fans and heat exchangers.
* Collaboration of optimum blade design and engine cooling solutions in order to suppress stall
and surge problems at low flow conditions in ram-air fan applications. This work is directly
related to European projects with the participation of Termo Fluds S.L.
* Developing domain optimization techniques in order to reduce the computational domain in
rising bubbles problems. Comparative studies of the different methods (namely, fringe zone,
moving mesh and non-inertial reference frame methods). Development of new methods and
boundary conditions in order to improve the performance of the existing ones.
* Applicability to the challenging 3D Taylor bubble problem.
Third year:
* Development of an energy equation solver that complement the momentum multiphase
solver. The solver should work in unstructured meshes and should be parallelizable. Study the
mass transfer process in multiphase problems.
* Applicability to rising bubbles and jet problems.
Adm. Generalitat
V Pla de Recerca i Innovació de Catalunya (PRI). 2010-2013
Call year
Funding call
Doctorats Industrials
Grant institution
Agència De Gestió D'ajuts Universitaris I De Recerca (agaur)