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  • Polyamorphic transitions in Ce-based metallic glasses by synchrotron radiation

     Duarte, M.; Bruna, P.; Pineda, E.; Crespo, D.; Garbarino, G.; Verbeni, R.; Zhao, K.; Wang, W.; Romero, A.; Serrano, J.
    Physical review B: condensed matter and materials physics
    Vol. 84, num. 22, p. 224116
    DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.84.224116
    Date of publication: 2011-12-01
    Journal article
  • Inelastic X-ray Scattering in metallic glasses

     Bruna, P.; Serrano, J.; Pineda, E.; Duarte, M.; Zhao, K.; Wang, W. H.; Crespo, D.
    International Conference on Bulk Metallic Glasses
    p. 129
    Presentation's date: 2011-05-16
    Presentation of work at congresses