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Education and social innovation for sustainability. Training in Spanish Universities of change agent graduates to meet challenges in society

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Competitive project
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62.920,00 €
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The purpose of this project is training qualified graduates to lead the resolution of the challenges of our society towards sustainability by
integrating training in Sustainability competences (hereinafter SC) in the Spanish University System
The project, under the research challenge in the field of social change and innovation, aims to contribute to the improvement of social
challenges across the Spanish Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation, the State Plan of Scientific and Technical Research and
Innovation and the Europe 2020 Strategy.
The research is applied, highly multidisciplinary and contextualized in nine universities that work together in the Sustainability Sectorial
Commission of CRUE (SSCC) in the working group Curriculum sustainability" with the goal of creating synergies and action frameworks
agreed at national level.
This is an area of research and action with lack of common criteria to integrate sustainability competences, learning processes and
assessment that bounds their achievement. To overcome this challenge, frameworks and processes that facilitate the integration of
sustainability into the university curriculum holistically through mapping and validation of pedagogical practices, the diagnosis of the state
in Spanish universities and building materials for teaching and learning SC will be developed.
Project objectives are focused on: 1) Define the map of SC of university degrees covered by the project and establish the framework to
facilitate their integration in a holistic manner; 2) validate teaching strategies for the acquisition of SC, from a constructivist and community
oriented pedagogical approach (SL, PBL, PPBL); 3) Diagnose the state of faculty sustainability training needs and develop and pilot
training proposals; and 4) To diagnose the state of learning of SC in the university students and prepare and pilot training proposals.
The research methodology has an interpretive focus, using quantitative and qualitative techniques, and covering a population with three
impact levels. On the one hand, degree courses that integrate the three pillars of sustainability (environmental, social and economic) will
be researched. Furthermore and taking into account their long-term multiplier effect, special emphasis will be made on five Bachelor and
Master degrees in Education, as its graduates are the future teachers of the next generation of citizens. Finally seven technology bachelor
degrees and the Master in Science and Technology for Sustainability will be researched for their great impact on societal challenges.
The project results will be transferred to the national level, through the SSCC, and internationally through its plan for dissemination and
transferability, by creating an observatory on ESD and European networks of Higher Education in Sustainability.
In short, this project will catalyze a cultural shift in the Spanish university system breaking the residual and partial vision of sustainability
and to move to a new paradigm in which sustainability permeate the education system holistically with the ultimate goal to graduates the
future change agents that will meet the challenges of our society.
Adm. Estat
Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2016
Resoluton year
Funcding program
Programa Estatal de I+D+i Orientada a los Retos de la Sociedad
Funding call
Retos de Investigación: Proyectos de I+D+i
Grant institution
Gobierno De España. Ministerio De Economía Y Competitividad, Mineco


  • Sanchez Carracedo, Fermin  (scientific coordinator, researcher)
  • Segalas Coral, Jordi  (scientific coordinator, researcher)
  • Geli de Ciurana, Anna Maria  (researcher)
  • Villamandos de la Torre, Francisco  (researcher)
  • Vaquero Abellaán, Manuel  (researcher)
  • Azcárate Goded, Pilar  (researcher)
  • Limón Domínguez, Dolores  (researcher)
  • Cardeñoso Domingo, José María  (researcher)
  • Muñoz Rodríguez, José Manuel  (researcher)
  • Barrón Ruiz, Àngela  (researcher)
  • Romero Rodríguez, Soledad  (researcher)
  • Cerrillo Martín, Rosario  (researcher)
  • Aramburuzabala Higuera, Pilar  (researcher)
  • Horta Bernus, Ricard  (researcher)
  • Busquets Rubio, Pere  (researcher)
  • Hernandez Gomez, Maria de Los Angeles  (researcher)
  • Hernández Serrano, María José  (researcher)
  • Sánchez Orgaz, Susana  (researcher)
  • Cebrián Bernat, Gisela  (researcher)
  • Serrate González, Sara  (researcher)
  • López Cobeñas, Elena Teresa  (researcher)
  • Albareda Tiana, Silvia  (researcher)
  • Vidal Raméntol, Salvador  (researcher)
  • Fuertes Camacho, M. Teresa  (researcher)
  • Fernández Morilla, Mónica  (researcher)
  • Heras Colàs, Raquel  (researcher)
  • Ruiz Morales, Jorge  (researcher)
  • Jurado Jiménez, María Dolores  (researcher)
  • Valderrama Hernández, Rocío  (researcher)
  • Solís Espallargas, Carmen  (researcher)
  • Gomera Martínez, Antonio  (researcher)
  • Navarrete Salvador, Antonio  (researcher)
  • Ramírez Vega, Chenda Francisca  (researcher)
  • Tejedor Papell, Gemma  (researcher)
  • Climent Vilaro, Juan  (researcher)
  • Cabre Garcia, Jose Maria  (researcher)
  • Vidal Lopez, Eva Maria  (researcher)
  • Sureda Carbonell, Bàrbara  (researcher)
  • Martin Escofet, Carme  (researcher)
  • Lopez Alvarez, David  (researcher)
  • Perez i Poch, Antoni  (researcher)
  • Gibert, Karina  (researcher)

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