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Geometrical and topological approaches to big data

Snasel, V.; Nowaková, J.; Xhafa, F.; Barolli, L.
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Future generation computer systems
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Modern data science uses topological methods to find the structural features of data sets before further supervised or unsupervised analysis. Geometry and topology are very natural tools for analysing massive amounts of data since geometry can be regarded as the study of distance functions. Mathematical formalism, which has been developed for incorporating geometric and topological techniques, deals with point cloud data sets, i.e. finite sets of points. It then adapts tools from the various bra...
Snasel, V., Nowaková, J., Xhafa, F., Barolli, L. Geometrical and topological approaches to big data. "Future generation computer systems", 29 Juny 2016.
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Big data, Big data visualization, Dimensionality reduction, Industry 4.0, Persistent homology, Topological data analysis


  • Snasel, Vaclav  (autor)
  • Nowaková, Jana  (autor)
  • Xhafa Xhafa, Fatos  (autor)
  • Barolli, Leonard  (autor)