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Geospatial model e-health planning collective intelligence

Jiménez, A.F.; Castillo Rosas, J. D.; Monguet, J.M.
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3rd International Conference on eDemocracy and eGovernment
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Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on eDemocracy and eGovernment, ICEDEG 2016
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In developing countries, the public administrations responsible for the welfare of their citizens, have among their priorities the optimization of the supply of health services, since the growing demand for these associated with economic growth, required to obtain the maximum performance in the allocation of any resource material and/or human. Generally in Ecuador there is a lack of industry of their own to facilitate access to treatment and technology, making these basic inputs for the provisio...
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Artificial intelligence, Collective intelligences, Decision making, Decision support systems, Delphi method, Developing countries, E health, Economics, Geospatial intelligence, Geospatial model, Health Resources, Infrastructure planning, Management, Planning, Public administration, Resource materials
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LAM - Laboratori d'Aplicacions Multimèdia i TIC


  • Jiménez Vélez, Álex Fernando  (autor ponent)
  • Castillo Rosas, Juan Daniel  (autor ponent)
  • Monguet Fierro, José Maria  (autor ponent)