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Roadmap of optical communications

Agrell, E.; Karlsson, M.; Chraplyvy, A.; Richardson, D.; Krummrich, P.; Winzer, P.; Roberts, K.; Fischer, J.; Savory, S.; Eggleton, B.; Secondini, M.; Kschischang, F.; Lord, A.; Prat, J.; Tomkos, I.; Bowers, J.; Srinivasan, S.; Brandt-Pearce, M.
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Journal of optics
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Lightwave communications is a necessity for the information age. Optical links provide enormous bandwidth, and the optical fiber is the only medium that can meet the modern society's needs for transporting massive amounts of data over long distances. Applications range from global high-capacity networks, which constitute the backbone of the internet, to the massively parallel interconnects that provide data connectivity inside datacenters and supercomputers. Optical communications is a diverse a...
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Access networks, Chalcogenide wave-guides, Coherent system, Data centers, Digital backpropagation, Mode fiber, Modulation formats, Optical communication, Optical fiber, Optical network, Signal processing, Silicon photonics, Transmission-systems, Wdm fiberoptic systems
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GCO - Grup de Comunicacions Òptiques


  • Agrell, Erik  (autor)
  • Karlsson, Magnus  (autor)
  • Chraplyvy, A. R.  (autor)
  • Richardson, David J.  (autor)
  • Krummrich, Peter M.  (autor)
  • Winzer, Peter J.  (autor)
  • Roberts, Kim  (autor)
  • Fischer, Johannes Karl  (autor)
  • Savory, Seb J.  (autor)
  • Eggleton, Benjamin J.  (autor)
  • Secondini, Marco  (autor)
  • Kschischang, Frank R.  (autor)
  • Lord, Andrew  (autor)
  • Prat Goma, Josep  (autor)
  • Tomkos, Ioannis  (autor)
  • Bowers, John E.  (autor)
  • Srinivasan, Sudha  (autor)
  • Brandt-Pearce, Maïté  (autor)