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See where I am looking at: perceiving gaze cues with a NAO robot

Diaz, M.; Catala, A.
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4th International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction
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Gaze is an important nonverbal cue in human - human communication, for example, in communicating direction of attention. Therefore, presumably being able to understand and provide gaze cues is an important aspect in robot’s interactive behavior. While there is considerable progress, as regards the design of social gaze cues for robots, there is little that has been done to examine the ability of humans to read and accept help signals from a robot's gaze. In this study, we examine how people pe...
Gaze based interactions, directed attention, facial orientation, gaze perception, serious games for social robots
Group of research
CETpD - Technical Research Centre for Dependency Care and Autonomous Living
ISSET - Integrated Smart Sensors and Health Technologies