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An algorithm for a bi-objective parallel machine problem with eligibility, release dates and delivery times of the jobs

Teghem, J.; Mateo, M.; Tuyttens, D.
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28th EURO European Conference on Operational Research
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28th European Conference on Operational Research: conference handboo: EURO 2016: Poznan 3-4 07 2016
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We present a model with three di erent parallel machines called as high, medium and low level respectively. The set of jobs to be sched- uled on these three parallel machines are also distributed among these three levels: one job from a level can be manufactured in a machine of the same or higher level. But a penalty appears when a job is manu- factured in a machine di erent of the higher level. Besides, there are release dates and delivery times associated to each job. The tackled problem is bi...
Group of research
SCOM - Supply Chain and Operations Management


  • Teghem, Jacques  (author and speaker )
  • Mateo Doll, Manuel  (author and speaker )
  • Tuyttens, Daniel  (author and speaker )