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Robot-human collaboration for transporting goods in urban areas

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batery charging systems, cooperación robot-humano, mobile robotics, navegación en robótica, perception systems, robot navigation, robot-human cooperation, robótica móvil, sistemas de percepción, sistemas de recarga baterias
The demographic projections for the EU (low birth rate and an ageing population) open a series of social, medical and economical
challenges that demand for new technologies for the assistance of elderly and disabled people, both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, the
need to automatize and reduce the costs of transport in the last mile in urban areas, where the e-commerce is everyday more important,
open a door to use robots to do these tasks. In a near future, the robots will collaborate with humans in everyday tasks and for this they
require more skills and functionalities. We will find these types of robots in urban areas, building and private houses.
The main objective in this project is to advance in the design of new mobile robots that are capable to transport products in urban areas,
overcoming with the help of humans complex situations in navigation and product delivery. Not only navigation in urban crowded areas is
complex, but also it is important how the robots overcome complex street situations, for example, streets semi-blocked due to street
repairing, vehicles not well parked that do not allow to reach the delivery place, etc. In this project we will investigate and develop new
navigation techniques in crowded areas with persons, static and dynamic obstacles; perception systems able to overcome the challenges
of detection of persons, objects and trails in variable conditions of illumination, cast shadows, etc.; and the interaction and collaboration
with humans in order that they can help the robots to overcome the street obstacles and do the delivery of products. In the collaboration
robot-human we will work in a new paradigm denominated interaction for human action , which will allow to solve street complex situations,
for example when an obstacle does not allow the robot to continue and the robot ask for help to a person to take out the obstacle or when
a robot and a human collaborate to explore an area to find the right path in the way to destination.
In this project we will use the IRI labs, our IRI robots, the humanoids Tibi and Dabo and we will buy two new platforms from where we will
build the ground robots, one for flat surfaces and another one for overcoming stairs. This project will follow the previous research and
development projects CICYT, Robo-In-Coop (DPI2013-42458-P) and RoboTaskCoop (DPI2010-17112), the project Consolider Ingenio
2012 MIPRCV (CSD2007-00018) and the European project URUS (FP6-IST- 045062) where the IP was the coordinator of the project.
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Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2016
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Programa Estatal de I+D+i Orientada a los Retos de la Sociedad
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Retos de Investigación: Proyectos de I+D+i
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Gobierno De España. Ministerio De Economía Y Competitividad, Mineco


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