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Structural behaviour of stainless steel frames. Safety towards seismic and fire loads

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The use of stainless steel in structures has increased in recent years due to its unique combination of mechanical properties, durability and
aesthetics. The mechanical properties of stainless steel such as ductility, toughness, considerable strain-hardening and good fire
resistance make it a quite suitable material for structures required to withstand accidental loading due to seismic and/or fire events. The
main socio-economical and environmental advantages of stainless steel are related to its excelent durability, its low maintenace costs and
its residual value which makes it appealing in the circular economy and very attractive when it comes to guarantee the rational use of
materials in construction minimising its environmental impact. Likewise, stainless steel structures offer a very interesting alternative
related to its in situ instrumentation providing a vast array of possibilities when it comes to monitoring, data management and analysis in
real-time the safety and integrity of these structures. In recent years, a considerable amount of research has been devoted to the structural
analysis of single isolated stainless steel members. Notwithstanding, advances related to the analysis of stainless steel frames are scarce.
As a matter of fact, EN1993-1-4 does not establish design rules associated with global analysis of stainless steel frames. The lack of guidance
on plastic design in general and design of frames in particular, is an obstacle to the optimal design of stainless steel structures. The
beneficial effects associated to its durability and low-maintenance are mitigated by uneconomical designs. Therefore, this particular topic
has been identified by experts as a priority for further research. Research advances as well as the continous development of powerful tools
allow designers and researchers alike to foresee a future in which numerical methods, rigorous design, automated execution and lifecycle
data management and maintenance will allow to exploit all beneficial aspects of this material in construction. In order to exploit such
advantages, stainless steel frames must prove adequate for withstanding accidental and catastrophic events likely to occur in their
lifespan. Hence, it is absolutely fundamental to assess the performace and the structural safety of stainless steel frames subjected to
seismic events or fire loads. The research project encompasses experimental and numerical analysis of stainless steel frames primarily
subjected to static loads for the sake of establishing rules associated to the design of such frames. Subsequently, the study will be
extended to the numerical analysis of stainless steel frames subjected to catastrophic events such as earthquakes and fire with particular
emphasis in quantifying the beneficial aspects of such structural material. The results of the research project may be implemented in future
versions of EN1993-1-4 and in innovative rules of structural applications of stainless steel frames. The aim of the project is to contribute to
the design of structurally efficient sustainable buildings with full immersion in circular economies and with particular abilities of
instrumentation and data management that provide designers and users alike more controllable and safer structures in the age of
information and digital economies.
accidental actions, acciones accidentales, data management, ensayos, gestión de datos, modelos, monitoring, monitorización, numerical models, pórticos acero inoxidable, seguridad estructural, stainless steel frames, structural safety, tests
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