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Characterization of the resuspension events in a micro-tidal and shallow bay (Alfacs Bay, NW Mediterranean Sea)

Espino, M.; Grifoll, M.; Solà, L.; Cerralbo, P.
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EOF 2016 - IV Encuentro Oceanografía Fisica Española
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Libro de Resúmenes (EOF-2016) - IV Encuentro Oceanografía Física Española
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Laboratori d'enginyeria marítima
Modelado y tecnologías de observación avanzadas para estudiar procesos de transporte, constituyentes ópticos activos y variabilidad
Probabilistic land-sea uses assessment based on wave action and vulnerability due to erosion/flooding
Responses to coastal climate change: Innovative Strategies for high End Scenarios -Adaptation and Mitigation-
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Suspended matter near the bed have been recorded through Optical Backscatter Sensors (OBS), jointly with water current and sea-level measurements, in Alfacs Bay (NW Mediterranean Sea). The field campaign covered 2 months during summer 2013, and additional CTD profiles were measured. Alfacs bay (16 km length and 4 km width) is characterized by a micro-tidal environment, relative shallow depth (max. 6.5 m) and freshwater discharges from the drainage channels of the surrounding rice fields. Water c...
Group of research
BIT - Barcelona Innovative Transportation
LIM/UPC - Maritime Engineering Laboratory