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Visual detection of high frequency oscillations in MEG

Migliorelli, C.; Alonso, J.F.; Romero, S.; Mañanas, M.A.; Nowak, R.; Russi, A.
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3rd International Conference on NeuroRehabilitation
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Converging Clinical and Engineering Research on Neurorehabilitation II: proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on NeuroRehabilitation (ICNR2016), October 18-21, 2016, Segovia, Spain
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High Frequency Oscillations (HFOs, >80Hz) are events that have been linked to the seizure onset zone (SOZ). Few studies have identified HFOs in noninvasive EEG and MEG signals due to the high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) required, but beamforming-based virtual sensors (VS) can increase SNR. We computed the beamforming-VS as a grid inside the brain volume model for 200-s MEG signals. Events of interest (EOIs) exceeding a threshold were automatically determined as well as the area of interest, wher...
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High frequency oscillations (HFO), MEG, epilepsy, ripples
Grup de recerca
BIOART - BIOsignal Analysis for Rehabilitation and Therapy
CREB - Centre de Recerca en Enginyeria Biomedica