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REX-PLA/3D fumed silica nanocomposite sheets prepared by reactive extrusion: effect of filler surface treatments on melt stability and crystallization ability

Cailloux, J.; Bin, R.; Santana, O.; Bou, J. J.; Raquez, J.; Dubois, P.; Maspoch, M.
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XIV Reunión del Grupo Especializado de Polímeros (GEP) de la RSEQ y RSEF
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Avances en materiales poliméricos: XIV Reunión del grupo especializado de polímeros (GEP) de la RSEQ y RSEF [5-8 de septiembre]: libro de resúmenes GEP2016
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Since poly(lactic acid) is a n environmentally friendly aliphatic polyester with mechanical pe rformances similar to those of PS or PET, it has been viewed as a promising alternative to petroleum - based commodity polymers. However, it uses in high performance applications ( i.e. electronic, automotive, etc.) is still complicated due to both its insuff icient thermal stability during processing and its slow crystallization rate. On this basis, this work aims in investigating the thermal stabilit...
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Càtedra A3 - A3 Chair
e-PLASCOM - Eco-friendly Plastics and Composites