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Wearing a single DNA molecule with an AFM tip

Santos, S.; Barcons, V.; Font, J.; Thomson, N.
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While the fundamental limit on the resolution achieved in an atomic force microscope (AFM) is clearly related to the tip radius, the fact that the tip can creep and/or wear during an experiment is often ignored. This is mainly due to the difficulty in characterizing the tip, and in particular a lack of reliable methods that can achieve this in situ. Here, we provide an in situ method to characterize the tip radius and monitor tip creep and/or wear and biomolecular sample wear in ambient dynamic ...
Santos, S., Barcons, V., Font, J., Thomson, N. "Wearing a single DNA molecule with an AFM tip". 2015.
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Atomic force microscopy, Attractive, Critical amplitude, DNA, Mica, Repulsive
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