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Deconstructing the governing dissipative phenomena in the nanoscale

Santos, S.; Amadei, C.; Tang, T.; Barcons, V.; Chiesa, M.
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An expression describing the controlling parameters involved in short range nanoscale dissipation is proposed and supported by simulations and experimental findings. The expression is deconstructed into the geometrical, dynamic, chemical and mechanical properties of the system. In atomic force microscopy these are translated into 1) tip radius and tip-sample deformation, 2) resonant frequency and oscillation amplitude and 3) hysteretic and viscous dissipation. The latter are characteristic param...
Santos, S., Amadei, C., Tang, T., Barcons, V., Chiesa, M. "Deconstructing the governing dissipative phenomena in the nanoscale". 2014.
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Atomic force microcopy, Conservative, Decoupling, Dissipative, Forces, Nanoscale
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CIRCUIT - Grup de Recerca en Circuits i Sistemes de Comunicació
PERC-UPC - Centre de Recerca d'Electrònica de Potència UPC
SSR-UPC - Smart Sustainable Resources


  • Santos Hernandez, Sergio  (autor)
  • Amadei, Carlo Alberto  (autor)
  • Tang, Tzu-Chieh  (autor)
  • Barcons Xixons, Victor  (autor)
  • Chiesa, Matteo  (autor)