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Antibacterial layer-­by-­layer coating of nanoparticles

Ivanova, K.; Asenova, A.; Tzanov, T.
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253rd American Chemical Society, National Meeting & Exposition, Advanced Materials, Technologies, Systems & Processes
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253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition: Advanced Materials, Technologies, Systems & Processes, April 2-6, 2017 San Francisco, CA
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Bacteria­mediated diseases are global healthcare concern due to the accelerated emergence and spread of drug resistant bacterial strains. Cationic compounds are considered membrane active biocidal agents having a great potential to control bacterial infections while limiting the emergence of drug resistance. Herein, the versatility and simplicity of the Layer­by­Layer (LbL) technique was used to functionalize poly (methyl vinyl ether­co­maleic anhydride) nanoparticles with a highly antibact...
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GBMI - Grup de Biotecnologia Molecular i Industrial