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The parabolic RTBP. Interchange of mass after a close encounter between galaxies

Olle, M.; Cors, J.; Barrabés, E.
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II Joint Conference of the Belgian, Royal Spanish and Luxembourg Mathematical Societies. Special session on dynamical systems and ODE
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Second joint conference of the Belgian, Royal Spanish and Luxembourg Mathematical Societies, Logroño, June 6-8, 2016: book of abstracts and list of participants
We consider the motion of the Parabolic restricted three body problem (PRTBP). The goal of this problem is to study the motion of a massless body attracted, under the Newton’s law of gravitation, by two masses moving in parabolic orbits all over in the same plane. The PRTBP may be regarded as a simplified model for the motion of two galaxies, taken as the primaries, and an infinitessimal mass. In order to discuss possible motions for the particle, first we consider a rotating and pulsating fra...
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SD - UPC Dynamical Systems