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Comparison of production strategies and degree of postponement when incorporating additive manufacturing to product supply chains

Minguella-Canela, J.; Muguruza, A.; Bonada, J.; Ramon, D.; Heredia, F.-Javier; Gimeno, R.; Guo, P.; Hamilton, M.; Shastry, K.; Webb, S.
Type of activity
Presentation of work at congresses
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7th Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference
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Book of congress proceedings
MESIC 2017: 7th Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference: book of abstracts: Vigo, España: June 28-30, 2017
The best-selling products manufactured nowadays are made in long series along rigid product value chains. Product repetition and continuous/stable manufacturing is seen as a chance for achieving economies of scale. Nevertheless, these speculative strategies fail to meet special customer demands, thus reducing the effective market share of a product in a range. Additive Manufacturing technologies open promising product customization opportunities; however, to achieve it, it is necessary to delay ...
Additive Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Ultra-postponement
Group of research
GNOM - Mathematical Optimization Group
REMM - Structures and Mechanics of Materials Research
TECNOFAB - Manufacturing Technologies Research Group