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Viscous cosmology for early- and late-time universe

Brevik, I.; Grøn , Ø.; Haro, J.; Odintsov, S.; Saridakis, E.
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International journal of modern physics D
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From a hydrodynamicist’s point of view the inclusion of viscosity concepts in the macroscopic theory of the cosmic fluid would appear most natural, as an ideal fluid is after all an abstraction (exluding special cases such as superconductivity). Making use of modern observational results for the Hubble parameter plus standard Friedmann formalism, we may extrapolate the description of the universe back in time up to the inflationary era, or we may go to the opposite extreme and analyze the prob...
Brevik, I., Grøn , Ø., Haro, J., Odintsov, S., Saridakis, E. Viscous cosmology for early- and late-time universe. "International journal of modern physics D", 1 Gener 2017.
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Viscous cosmology, dark energy, inflation, modified gravity
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  • Brevik, Iver  (autor)
  • Grøn, Øyvind  (autor)
  • Haro Cases, Jaime  (autor)
  • Odintsov, Sergei D.  (autor)
  • Saridakis, Emmanuel N.  (autor)