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Infrared Imaging Spectroscopic System for the Detection of Skin Cancer: Preliminary Results

Rey, L.; Burgos, Francisco J.; Delpueyo, X.; Ares, M.; Royo, S.; Malvehy, J.; Puig, S.; Vilaseca, M.
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Twenty-fifth Color and Imaging Conference
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Twenty-fifth Color Imaging Conference: color science and engineering systems, technologies and applications: technical papers and proceedings: held September 11-15, 2017, in Lillehammer, Norway
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Skin cancer is a disease of the twenty-first century mainly caused by the excessive exposure to the sun without the appropriate solar protection. Melanoma, which is one of the most aggressive kinds of skin cancer, requires a rapid and effective diagnosis. Clinical examination and biopsies have shown to be slow and costly in many ways, so the possibility of getting a non-invasive optical detection of skin melanomas became a hot topic in biophotonics. In this context, multispectral imaging systems...
Group of research
CD6 - Centre for Sensors, Instruments and Systems Development
GREO - Optical Engineering Research Group