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OrthoNoC: a broadcast-oriented dual-plane wireless network-on-chip architecture

Abadal, S.; Torrellas Jovani, Josep; Alarcon, E.; Albert Cabellos-Aparicio
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IEEE transactions on parallel and distributed systems
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On-chip communication remains as a key research issue at the gates of the manycore era. In response to this, novel interconnect technologies have opened the door to new Network-on-Chip (NoC) solutions towards greater scalability and architectural flexibility. Particularly, wireless on-chip communication has garnered considerable attention due to its inherent broadcast capabilities, low latency, and system-level simplicity. This work presents ORTHONOC, a wired-wireless architecture that differs f...
Abadal, S., Torrellas Jovani, Josep, Alarcon, E., A. C. OrthoNoC: a broadcast-oriented dual-plane wireless network-on-chip architecture. "IEEE transactions on parallel and distributed systems", 20 Octubre 2017.
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Bandwidth, Broadcast, Coherence, Hybrid NoC, Manycore Processors, Network-on-Chip, Program processors, Scalability, System-on-chip, Throughput, Wireless On-Chip Communication, Wireless communication
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CBA - Sistemes de Comunicacions i Arquitectures de Banda Ampla
EPIC - Energy Processing and Integrated Circuits
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