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Community networks in developing regions

Type of activity
Competitive project
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25.000,00 €
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commons infrastructures, community networks, decentralized systems, digital inclusion, inclusión digital, infrastructuras en común, redes comunitarias, redes inalámbricas, sistemas descentralizados, wireless networks
Preparation of the CommunityNets@A IA proposal for the H2020 ICT-39-2017 call and reformulation in H2020 ICT WP 2018-19 according to the results
of the first call.
The vision of the CommunityNets@A project is that all people should have easy, affordable and appropriate access to digital communications, voice and
internet, in order to improve their lives and contribute to the sustainable development of their local communities. Our mission is to empower communities,
that are disadvantaged in current ICT provision, to develop strategic networking infrastructures and services that are affordable and sustainable. Our
goal is to develop and innovate sustainable, local, community-based operators for and with the inhabitants of Africa and other developing regions. We
aim to develop innovative technical solutions, and novel business and community engagement models with pilots spread across around 8 countries.
These solutions and models will enable bottom-up participation and local ownership and inform and contribute to transform the regulatory framework of
each respective country. The pilots will address local community requirements and the challenges emanating from communities in collaboration with
members of those communities. These collaborations will ulti- mately upskill respective community capacity in providing accessible digital voice and
internet data.
The innovation unfurls along two key approaches. One adapts and implements existing African (or other developing regions) and European research to
address the needs of developing regions communities through novel results and experiences in community networks. The other approach jointly
develops appropriate models and solutions that can be replicated and scaled up in Africa or other developing regions. The consortium includes
European partners working together with key partners in developing regions. Among the partners there are innovation stakeholders like universities and
national industrial and research institutions with a strong link to end-user communities, ICT industry policy and regulation advisers, and ICT policy
advocates in Africa or other developing regions.
Adm. Estat
Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2016
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Programa Estatal de I+D+i Orientada a los Retos de la Sociedad
Funding call
Acciones de dinamización Europa Investigación
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Agencia Estatal De Investigacion