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Accuracy and precision studies for range-only underwater target tracking in shallow waters

Masmitja, I.; Bouvet, P.; Gomariz, S.; Aguzzi, J.; Del Rio, J.; Toma, D.M.
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22nd IMEKO TC4 International Symposium
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Proceedings of the TC4 Symposium 2017, Iasi, ROMANIA, 2017
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Instrumentation and applied technology for the study, characterization and sustainable explotitation of marine environment
Interoperability and implementation of autonomous marine platforms for seismic monitoring
Next generation, Cost-effective, Compact, Multifunctional Web Enabled Ocean Sensor Systems Empowering Marine, Maritime and Fisheries Management
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This paper studies the precision, and the accuracy, of an underwater target tracking system, using range-only and single-beacon methods, in shallow waters environments. For this study, different field tests have been realized in the OBSEA test site, a well-known and monitored area at 4 km from the coast and at 20 meters of depth, in the Mediterranean Sea (Barcelona). The tests have been conducted using two acoustic underwater modems from the company LinkQuest Inc. Moreover, the autonomous underw...
Masmitja, I., Bouvet, P., Gomariz, S., Aguzzi, J., Del Rio, J., Toma, D.M. Accuracy and precision studies for range-only underwater target tracking in shallow waters. A: Symposium on Measurements of Electrical Quantities. "Imeko TC4". 2017, p. 94-99.
Range-only, and AUV., autonomous vehicle, position accuracy, position precision, single-beacon, underwater target tracking
Group of research
PERC-UPC - Power Electronics Research Centre
SARTI - Technological Development Center for Remote Acquisition and Data Processing System
SARTI-MAR - Remote Acquisition and Data Processing Systems in Marine Environment