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Mapping of thunderstorm charge structures by automated lightning leader speed analysis of Lightning Mapping Array data: applications and statistics

Van Der Velde, O.; Montaña, J.; Lopez, J.; Pineda, N.
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9th European Conference on Severe Storms
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ECSS 2017 (Copernicus Meeting Programme)
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Since 2011 a 12-station 3D Lightning Mapping Array (LMA) has been operational in the Ebro Valley region in the south of Catalonia, covering an area over 200 km wide along the east coast of Spain. Since 2015 it has been split in two, with six stations active in the Santa Marta region of northern Colombia. These arrays map very high frequency pulses (60-66 MHz) emitted mainly by negative leader steps and recoil leader processes during lightning flashes. It is well-established that lightning fla...
Group of research
LRG - Lightning Research Group