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Oceanobs: The Python package to analyze data incoming from EMSO Generic Instrument Modules

Bardají, R.; Piera, J.; Dañobeita, J.; García, Ó.; Bartolome , R.; Sorribas, J.; Del Rio, J.
Type of activity
Presentation of work at congresses
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EMSO ERIC All Regions Workshop. EU seafloor and water column observatories : Challenges and opportunities towards integration
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This work presents oceanobs, an open-source Python package that provides a wide range of tools to analyze data from marine observatories, including procedures for feature extraction, quality control generation, filtering methods and content visualization. We present the philosophy of implementation of the package and we the data Quality Control production.
Oceanography, Python, QC, data science, marine data
Group of research
SARTI - Technological Development Center for Remote Acquisition and Data Processing System


  • Bardají Benach, Raúl  (author and speaker )
  • Piera Fernández, Jaume  (author and speaker )
  • Dañobeita Canales, Juan José  (author and speaker )
  • García Sánchez, Óscar  (author and speaker )
  • Bartolome de la Peña, Rafael  (author and speaker )
  • Sorribas Cervantes, Jordi  (author and speaker )
  • Del Rio Fernandez, Joaquin  (author and speaker )