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Active charge trapping control in dielectrics under ionizing radiation

Dominguez, M.; Bheesayagari, C.; Gorreta, S.; Pons, J.
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AGU Fall Meeting 2017
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2017 AGU Fall Meeting
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Science and technology of Space instruments for characterizing the Martian environment within multiple NASA missions: 3D wind sensor
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Charge trapping is is a reliability problem in plasma sensors. Examples can be found in microchannel plate detectors in plasma analyzers, where multiple layers have been devised to ensure filled trapped electrons for enhanced secondary emission [1]. Charge trap mapping is used to recover distortion in telescope CCDs [2]. Specific technologies are designed to mitigate the effect of ionizing radiation in monolithic Active Pixel Sensors [3]. We report in this paper a control loop designed to contro...
Group of research
MNT - Micro and Nanotechnologies Research Group