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Sensors for Multi-Scale Applications in Remote Sensing

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The increase in the number of Earth observation satellites has increased the amount of data available in this field. However, many
applications in development have identified limitations, both technological and methodological. In addition, the increasing number of endusers
working with remote sensing data has allowed us to know their real needs and translate them into specifications for both sensors
and end products. With them the instruments and methodologies that allow to satisfy the requirements of each application can be
The configuration of the orbital observation systems (revisit time, angle of incidence, frequency, resolution, etc.) is not always adapted to
the needs of the users. Therefore there is a need for affordable sensors that meet the needs of the user which can be deployed where it is
required and acquire data when it is needed. These sensors can provide data complementary to those of the satellites. Ground-Based
SARs (GB-SAR) have demonstrated their applicability in monitoring urban subsidence and landslides. Unfortunately, radar systems
mounted on small UAVs do not meet the technical requirements for use in differential interferometry and polarimetry. One of the main
limitations lies in the small size of the platform, which on the one hand makes it more unstable while on the other the limitation in the
weight of the payload makes the navigation system cannot be as sophisticated as it should be.
The information content of new types of data available (such as interferometric coherence time series or POLINSAR data) and the ability of
UAVs to generate arbitrary trajectories have not been explored to date and opens up a path for future applications.
The realization of this project will allow to improve the technology developed in previous projects and to provide both new sensors and new
methodologies of treatment and combination of multi-sensor and multi-scale data. This will also take advantage of the new SAR availability
policy of the European Space Agency (ESA) Copernicus Program (Sentinel-1/2) and the availability of data for civil applications of the
Spanish SAR SAR, Of imminent launch. The project will reinforce the leadership of the research team in the GEOSAR missions, facilitating
the participation of Spanish universities and companies in the proposal and eventual development of a future European satellite of this
The main developments to be achieved along the project are the following:
- Development of new SAR systems: one integrable in different platforms (GB-SAR and UAV) and allowing to carry out
PolSAR/InSAR/PolInSAR measurements, and another of bistatic GB-SAR type that uses a telecommunications geostationary satellite as
- Development of a dispersometer combined with a bi-band radiometer and a multi-spectral optical sensor mounted on a mast.
- Development of new algorithms that allow the correct approach of the data acquired with the different image sensors and their correct
calibration both radiometric and polarimetric.
- Development of methodologies that combine data from different origins (radar, optical, meteorological, in-situ, orbital, terrestrial, UAV,
etc.), spatial resolutions, frequency bands, etc. optimally to generate useful final products.
GEOSAR, Radar de apertura sintética, Synthetic aperture radar, UAV, data fusion, differential interferometry, fusión de datos, interferometría diferencial, multisensor, multsensor, polarimetría radar, radar polarimetry
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Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2016
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