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Approach and Criteria for Observing and Simulating Integrated Transdisciplinary Solutions for Marine Ecosystems in Coastal Bays

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Coastal bays are vulnerable and productive systems that are experiencing an acceleration in pressures due to climate, socio-economic
activities and the dynamic evolution of the limiting spit that threaten their sustainability even under present conditions. In ECOSISTEMABC
we suggest an alternative management of these coastal areas based on controlled discharges (form the outfalls into the bay) making
use of favourable meteo-oceanographic conditions to enhance water renovation within the domain. This means high-resolution and
accurate predictions of local meteorological drivers and oceanographic parameters at the bay-mouth (velocity and pressure) and at the
sea-side beach (waves and sea-level). Such a management approach will lead to increased levels of dissolved oxygen in the water
column and an improved ecosystem functioning under present conditions but also under future climates with higher water temperatures.
The conceptual framework to be developed within the project will allow focusing on the hydro-morpho-ecological interactions, that damage
present aquaculture activities in micro-tidal environments like the Mediterranean. The vulnerability will increase under future scenarios of
global warming and deltaic morphological evolution, which will aggravate the renovation / concentration problem. The project will use as
initial case study the Fangar Bay in the Ebro Delta but will be linked to the southern (Alfacs) bay together with several similar systems in
Valencia/Murcia and the Rhone and Po deltas. We shall prepare a framework to predict (with an operational sequence of models) the
hydro-morphodynamic and ecologic evolution of these coastal environments using intensive field campaigns and a high resolution suite of
coupled models. Based on codes with which the proposing team has a well-recognized expertise we shall process and aggregate the
resulting simulations into a) an Atlas of common patterns and b) an operational system that will be tested within the project. We shall
transfer these results to local communities and administrations (users and stakeholders) that have already signed a commitment letter to
participate and follow ECOSISTEMA-BC. The control discharge test that we intend to carry out, will be the basis to validate the sequence
of models. From here we shall prepare, following the ECOSISTEMA-BC framework, a set of indicators and an alarm system to support the
present and future management of the bay.
Bahías Costeras, Coastal Bays, acuicultura, aquiculture, control morfodinámico, morphodynamic control, observaciones y predicción numérica, observations and numerical forecasting, renovación de aguas, water renovations
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